Kids Academy

Importance of early childhood care & education

The first five years of life are vitally important in laying the foundations of character and personality. Keeping this fact in view, the school is fully equipped to cater this developmental needs of the growing children. This being the child’s first exposure to large school premises our primary aim is to make him/her feel happy, secure and loved and in the process make learning an exciting happy experience away from HOME.

The best of Montessori Kindergarten, Play way method and other such activity as required by social and cultural needs of the society have been adopted and adapted for the pre-primary school . The students have their own assembly, programmes for self-expression, play area, indoor and outdoor activities.

The school initiates in its own way to promote students in their very own cultural activities built around festival and special occasions. Their general, social conduct, manners, communication skills, artistic skills in fine arts and music are cultivated with great care and affection.

This focuses on the parent’s attention & co-operation to enhance the skills in kids. They learn more by keen observations which help them in Identification and to compare & they learn patterns. This inculcates discipline in them and they follow the instructions of guide / counselor and start reading & writing to express & interact that leads to comfortable conversations.

Objectives of Kids Academy

  • Our motto is to develop ‘Customs & Culture’ among the children.
  • Propagate patriotic, social and ethical values for a responsible citizenship.
  • Ensure physical mental and moral growth of the students and create interest in learning.
  • Aim at quality education and pursuit of excellence in all aspects of life.
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