Learning Facilities


At Sharda, we continuously strive to create an information-oriented environment by building a world class library within. Our objective is to bring about the much needed social, cultural, technological and spiritual development in our students. Our librarians are always available through the library hours to help students find the correct information in the vast collection of books and other study materials in the library.

Science, Computer and Maths Laboratories

The school has well equipped advance laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology Computer Science, Physical Education, ED, Mathematics etc. Our labs carry the safest and cleanest equipments for our students to conduct their practical experiment sessions, apart from full time lab assistants to help out students, anytime. Student learning at our labs is at an all-time high most of the time with these resources around.

Smart Classes

In order to make teaching & learning process more interesting, smart classes with the use of digital boards have been introduced for all classes from Nursery to Xll. This empowers teachers with technology right inside the classroom enabling them to use video, live images, graphics etc.

Class Rooms

We have state-of-the-art classrooms in our school, with ergonomically designed benches and desks having sufficient space to accomodate students well.

A-V Room

A-V-Room is equipped with mass learning and entertainment devices.

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