Principal’s Message

There was a time in not too a distant past when the role of school was viewed as that of a purveyor of knowledge and every other sphere of a child’s existence was relegated to a lesser orbit. But now times have changed.

It has become the joint responsibility of the school and parents to ensure that children are provided a holistic environment where not only their mental faculties develop but also their physical, social and emotional persona are nurtured with extreme sensitivity.

At this school all this has been the rule rather than the exception from the first day of its operation. Every effort is made to ensure that each student deeply imbibes this holistic experience.

One of the cornerstones of the teaching -learning process is an open and transparent dialogue between the school and you. The most effective tool for this communication is this Diary. It embodies the entire year’s academic and co-curricular calendar and also carries vital information regarding our school’s rules and regulations. It details the dos and don’ts for students and functions as a daily record for your child. Please make it a point to familliarise yourself with this Diary and check its pages regularly for any communication from teachers. Pages have been provided for your comments and suggestions. Make good use of them as your feedback will make us become better.

Looking forward to getting your positive response and co-operation in all our future endeavours.


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